FRP-Frontrunner Plus
Information Security is an effort to chronicle what a number of really smart people believe the state of the Information Security industry to be, and where we are going. To master the art of Information Security, one needs to start from scratch, very basic because the FRP in Information Security begins with somewhat advanced concepts.
ATL has launched this Preparatory Course for FRP especially for candidates who are not quite familiar with the basics of Networking and programming.

Course Details:

Generic Modules
1. C/C++ programming
2. ASP .Net
3. Networking and Routing Fundamentals
4. CISCO Internetworking Concepts: Switching, Bridging and WAN
5. Unix and Linux Internals

Security Modules
1. Introduction to Information Security
2. Desktop and Server Security
3. Web Security
4. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
5. Network Security
6. Protection from Intrusion
7. Data Security
8. Cyber Forensics

Eligibility Criteria: Engineers/B.Sc./M.Sc./BIT /BCA/MCA/IT/10+ 2 students & Industry Professionals