HCP: CCNA Preparation
Networking is particularly beneficial to managers, developers, and IT staff and help desk personnel. Anyone involved in designing, configuring, installing or maintaining a network, Wi-Fi wireless networks, working with TCP/IP protocols, or involved in developing or migrating to TCP/IP networks or accessing Internet services would need the knowledge of Networking. Those involved in projects requiring the transmission of voice, data and video over WAN, interested in migrating voice and video conferencing traffic to new or existing data networks would require networking professionals.

Course Details:

Module I: Networking and routing fundamentals
• Introduction to Networking
• OSI Model
• The Process/Application Layer Protocols
• Subnetting Basics
• Routing Basics

Module II: CISCO Internetworking Concepts
• Switching and Bridging Technology
• VLAN Basics
• Advanced Internetworking
• Access Lists
• Wide Area Networks